Leadership Talks

A professional speaker brings passion, emotion, and energy to a gathering. Mark McMillion does all that with a splash of humor to engage the audience and make them think.  He’ll share his stories of leadership and serving as an Army officer in Germany, Iraq, and Norway.  He will entertain, motivate, inspire, and give you a sense of purpose.  You won’t have to guess what he thinks and he loves questions!


Choose from the topics below or request a leadership topic especially relevant to your organization


  • Company and Workplace Culture – By design, not by accident
  • Teamwork: The 5 Keys for Success
  • Building a Trust Organization
  • Purpose as a Catalyst – How the “why” of your existence drives employee motivation
  • Managing Millennials – Digitally connected but personally disconnected. What you can do
  • Leader Development – Growing your organization’s leaders, not simply promoting them
  • Leader Transition – How do you handle promoting someone from a follower to a leader?
  • Taking Charge – What’s the timeline to make significant changes?  Well, it depends…
  • Safety and Leadership – They go together like peanut butter & jelly!
  • Managing Across International Cultures – Communication is hard. Add another culture and it can get really tough!

      Motivation & Inspiration:

      • Body, Mind, and Heart – Great for students!
      • You don’t have to finish where you start!Also great for students!
      • Patriotism

      Other Topics:

      • NATO
      • Operation Iraqi Freedom
      • Nation Building