McMillion Leadership Associates exists to help leaders get better.

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What We Do

We help leaders acquire the skills and abilities necessary to make their organizations better.  We help senior leaders clarify and communicate their strategic vision and / or shape their organizational culture. We help mid-level management develop those skills necessary to take them and their team to the next level of performance.

Finally, MLA can help emerging leaders develop those critical skills necessary to be a supervisor, whether they are one now or being groomed to move up.The seeds of leadership are in nearly everyone.  We simply provide a little fertilizer (but not BS!), water, and sunshine to help leaders grow more quickly.  We don't make leaders, we make them better.

How We Do It

We'll come to you to conduct 1-2 hour classes, half-day, or even one- or two-day seminars for leaders.  10-12 is the ideal group size, but we'll work with groups up to 25.  We also conduct independent evening and weekend seminars for those looking to invest in themselves and increase their employability.

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We offer several services that can revolutionize the way you lead.


McMillion leadership Associates provides leadership training in the form of Leader Development Plans, Leadership Book Study, and several á la carte offerings.


Mark McMillion brings passion, emotion, energy, and a splash of humor to a gathering. A Speaker engages the audience and makes them think.


McMillion Leadership Associates has published several works relevant to leadership and leadership development.