Published Works

McMillion Leadership has begun publishing works relevant to leadership.  At this time, they are only available in the Amazon Kindle format.  Please contact us if you need hard copies or another format.

Meetings: How to Make Them Effective!

Meetings don't have to be black holes of time and resources. They can be useful and effective. This is the playbook to make your meetings part of the solution instead of an obstacle in the path of progress.


An overview of our Supervision module of instruction, superb for a first-time leader or someone aspiring to move up the ranks.

Unbroken Leadership

Leadership lessons taken from the incredible life of Louis Zamperini.

Success, Vol. 1

This book covers the three areas necessary for successful performance in a world full of minefields for today's youth.


While not comprehensive, here are websites, books, and reading we find useful or inspiring!